Programming your F Series Keyfob

Programming your F Series Keyfob

When you receive your keyfob, it will be coded by BMW for your specific car, but not yet activated. Activation of your new key uses one of the following methods depending on if you have the keyfob slot or no keyfob slot.

BMWs WITHOUT the keyfob slot
With the old keyfob and new keyfob in the car, take the new key fob and hold it against the marked spot on the side of the steering column (low battery key mark location) and then start the car (working key fob is needed). The idrive display screen will immediately pop up with a request to name the profile associated with the new key fob.

How to program your new BMW Key

PLEASE NOTE: If the Key does not link up right away you may need try a few different methods to remove old key away from the car during the process. 

1) With the car locked and the old key in hand, unlock and open the car.  Then move the old key a reasonable distance from the car so that the car can not pickup the signal.  Then take the new key, and press the start button.  Once recognised put your foot on the brake and start car.  If no activity take the remote away momentarily and repeat holding the remote in the designated location and pressed the start button again

2) method 2, open locked car with old key.  Get in the car and pass the old key out the window of the car and move it far away while keeping the doors closed. Hold the new key against the spot until the car recognised the new inactive coded key,

3) Have someone bring the old key back to the car, and try to start the engine.

4) If that does not work try to hold the back end (with the "unlock" key) facing the key symbol on the steering column, as opposed to flat against it, but perpendicular to the column and start the engine

It does not link up using any of these methods, check the internal battery of the key or make sure there are no issues such as a door lock not properly unlocking/locking including the fuel door lock. Sometimes something odd can get in the way such as an old key can interfere with the new key programming and it helps to get the old key out of the way when linking up a new key.   

We can get BMW Keys and Keyfobs for other BMWs as well. Please contact us for details.

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