Bimmernav FAQ

Bimmernav FAQ


What makes your kits better / the same as the ones from the dealer or other online vendors?

  1. Better newer ULF control modules; Others use first gen ULF modules
  2. Better wiring harnesses and adapter cables
  3. Better service and knowledge about the differences in models and years of  BMWs worldwide .
  4. More timely response to issues
  5. Less hands in the cookie jar, making your price quite a bit less

BMW Bluetooth Diagnostic Instructions


Can I update my E38, E39, E46, X3, X5 or Z-Series built before 2003 to Bluetooth?

    Yes.  Check out the Bimmernav Online Store for kits available for your specific BMW

Can I update my 3 series E46 built before March 2003 to Bluetooth?

    Yes.  The Bluetooth retrofit kits for all of the E46s including convertibles all model year E46s are here Bimmernav Online Store


Can I update my E46, E39, E53, X3 or Z4 built after March 2003 to Bluetooth?

    Yes.  You can very easily update your most any BMWs built after 03/02 mfg date, as BMWs built since are prewired for BMW's bluetooth system.  Check out  Bimmernav Online Store


I would like to have Bluetooth in my BMW, but I am not sure the phone I want is compatible.

    BMW publishes a list of Bluetooth phones that have gone thru their "compatibility testing", BMW Bluetooth Compatible Phones although that list is not comprehensive and new Bluetooth phones that are not listed on the page although have the Bluetooth "carkit profile" should work fine.  One good source of information is from the experience of others in an online forum such as You can look for comments such as "using a BMW ULF, I was able to get the XYZ Bluetooth phone to work perfectly.  I have talked with many users who were able to get most all new phones to work with the BMW system, although occasionally not all functionality worked such as phonebook required manual transfer, or SMS not supported.  One option is most cellular carriers offer a week or so trial period to try out a phone, and some will let you take it out of the store to try in your car.


I would like to upgrade to Bluetooth and have a FACE button on my steering wheel.  Do I still need the pairing button?

    Yes.  The pairing button is a dedicated key for pairing, and is required as part of the BMW Bluetooth/Voice recognition system.  Conversely, the steering wheel FACE button is not required, but a nice feature to have for activating voice recognition.  You can use the pairing button to activate the voice recognition.  Some users who do not want the Bluetooth "Eject Box" can opt for using the E46 pairing button and hiding it in a convenient location, for use when they are pairing phones.


I would like to upgrade to Bluetooth but not sure if I have a mic or SES jumper plug.

    You will only need the SES plug if your car was build after approx 08/00.  Most BMWs will have this connector in place, although it is best to check.  If your car has Voice recognition now, which can be determined by pressing and holding the steering wheel face button for 2 seconds with the ignition on, you will need to remove the SES module during installation and replace with the SES jumper plug.  The SES jumper plug is a blue connector that can be found in the electronics access area in the trunk of your BMW.  The easiest way to tell if you need a mic is to shine a flashlight up in the overhead console and if you can see straight thru, you do not have a microphone.  Obviously if you have BMW Assist, BMW phone, or BMW Voice recognition currently, you will have the microphone.


I have BMW navigation, BMW CD, BMW XYZ option... Can I still install Bluetooth?

    Yes.  All North American BMWs were prewired for phone and therefore can install ANY of the BMW phone systems, including BMW Bluetooth.  Most Euro BMWs are prewired for phone, and we even have kits for BMWs that are NOT prewired for phone. The electrical fundamentals are identical, we just ned to know the phone series your car was wired for and we can get you the correct upgrades components.  With our Bluetooth kits, we have already done the hard work for you.  Each of our kits are designed specifically for your model and build date BMW, and will be just a simple plug and play install for your specific BMW.


I have a very early production E38 with the analog phone.  Does your kit function the same as the older build date cars?

    Yes.  The Bluetooth system will function the same.  You will be able to use the same voice activation, and Bluetooth functions that the new BMWs have.  

I installed your Bluetooth kit in my car, and it was easy and a great upgrade.  What other products do you sell?

    Check out our webstore for more products available from Bimmernav Online Store 


Will the MKIV nav computer work in my E38, E39, E53, or E46?

    Yes.  As long as you have a Female voice nav system, it is plug and play.  If you have the male voice you need adapter cables from BMW check out BMW MKIV Navigation for the part numbers.  


Will the X5 Widescreen display E38, E39?

    Yes.  As long as you have a Female voice nav system, it is plug and play.  If you have the old MKI computer you need to update the navigation computer, and the Video module.   If you have TV, and it is an original TV video module from before 1999, you might need to update the software in your TV video module.  See BMW MKIV Navigation for details.


Will the E39, X5, E38 Widescreen display E46?

    NO!  The E53/E38/E39 widescreen is totally different sized and will NOT fit the E46 and vice versa, the E46 will not fit the x5, E38 or E39.


I have a No NAV E38, E39, or X5.  Can I put a navigation system in it?

    Yes.  You will need more parts, that are only available from the dealer, but it is possible.  NO BMW that I am aware of is prewired for navigation, so the challenge of retrofitting navigation is to install the navigation harness.  It is not that difficult and well documented from BMW.  check out BMW Navigation Info for details



Support Forums


Support for most BMW Navigation related questions can be found on the following BMW web forums

Yahoo groups BMWNAV forum


Support for most BMW Bluetooth related questions can be found on the following BMW web forum



BMW Series Specific Online Support Forums

BMW 7 series specific information can be found here:

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BMW 5 series specific information can be found here:

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BMW X5 series specific information can be found here:

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BMW 3 series specific information can be found here:

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The best online support forum for upgrading your BMW is Bimmerboard  is a great resource with information on Navigation and Bluetooth upgrades.

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