BMW Television Retrofit

BMW Television Retrofit

Parts required
BMW TV Tuner with wiring harness- For sale on Bimmernav store
Optional TV tuner amps and wiring (see below)

The wiring harnesses are plug and play without cutting of wires and do not require any advanced knowledge of BMWs or electronics.

BMW TV Users Guide

The BMW Video Module is an OEM version of the VDO Dayton TV 5000 TV Tuner with BMW-specific software.
Video Module with wiring harness 
The BMW 7 Series E38, 5 Series E39, X5 and E46 3 Series (except Convertible) with navigation are factory equipped with the BMW TV video module mounting bracket.  The official screws from BMW are listed below.

61 13 1 372 033 1 Body Nut

07 11 9 902 007 2 Hex Bolt With Washer
07 11 9 936 133 2 Tooth Washer
84 31 8 361 762 2 Hex Bolt

For the "TV" function to operate you will need to install either the BMW TV antennas or any other TV antennas with an SMB connector.  Each BMW is slightly different with the E38, E39, and E46 part numbers listed below

65 24 8 362 532 1 Left TV amplifier
65 24 8 362 533 1 Right TV Amplifier
65 24 8 369 471 1 Left Antenna Lead
65 24 8 369 470 1 Right Antenna Lead

In Europe, the following E46 parts are used to install the TV feature (European E46 cars have a different set of audio wiring harnesses as well, very likely due to the different antenna wiring necessary):

61 12 8 373 265 1 Wiring Set Rear Window/TV Amplifier
65 25 8 368 210 1 TV Amplifier
65 25 8 375 416 1 Sheet Metal Screw

Wiring Harness specific for your BMW (included in TV video module Kit) - For sale on Bimmernav store

The TV cables come standard with inputs Audio Video input/output RCA cables for video input/output/backup camera support. 

If you would like to have TV in motion on your navigation monitor, you will need a BMW TV in motion module, which are not provided with out kits.

BMW E38 Installation Photos

First step is to remove the Cover for the rear compartment.

Next step is to remove the two plastic screws on the right and the Navigation computer

You can purchase a special BMW tool that must be used to remove the Navigation computer. I made mine out of a coat hanger cut in four pieces

The idea with the tool or the coat hanger is to push in just far enough to unlock the spring loaded catch

 Close up of what you are doing with the coat hanger. You only need to push in far enough to unlock the catch.

Remove the plastic trim ring around the navigation computer bracket

Once the navigation drive has been removed, gently remove the whole trim piece.

On the 7 series the TV tuner attaches to these two mounts and then I used a nut and bolt for the top hole (no picture, but it is obvious)

If using the Bimmernav wiring harness. To complete the install you will need to remove the blue connector from the back your navigation computer, connect this plug to the harness.  

Next, take the Blue connector on the NEW wiring harness and plug it into the Car’s navigation computer.

On the other end of the television harness connect white connector into the white of the TV video module and the blue plug into the blue plug of the Television module.

Once you turn your car back on Television will be shown on your screen

Detailed wiring diagram of TV tuner

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