How to install Bluetooth in the BMW Z8  - Bluetooth Kit Installation Instructions

How to install Bluetooth in the BMW Z8 - Bluetooth Kit Installation Instructions

What is BMW Bluetooth?

Bluetooth Functional Overview

Users Manual for the BMW Bluetooth System

Users Manual for the BMW Voice Control System (features included in Bluetooth retrofit kit)

BMW recommended phones for BMW Bluetooth System

Bluetooth Features and Functionality

BMW Bluetooth Troubleshooting Guide

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The below quick pictorial guide will give you a good idea about installing Bluetooth in the BMW Z8.

NOTE: Our Bluetooth Kits come with the latest Generation BMW ULF modules Available as shown in the BMW Compatibility matrix (and NOT the problematic first generation 84 21 954 552 others are selling,   Be careful on getting older ULF modules as some people have had difficulties and incompatibilities with the old first generation ULF modules.  Why use Our Bluetooth Solution?

BMW has still not made an official Bluetooth kit available, but a combined version of the BMW E46 Bluetooth kit and the BMW E39 Bluetooth kit works perfectly, when configured correctly.

I suspect there are a couple of reasons why BMW never made an official Bluetooth kit available, with the primary reasons most likely being the Z8 has no multifunctional steering wheel, and no proper location for the Bluetooth pairing button. The creative solution for the pairing button is to find a suitable home such as the passengers side ash tray. The fortunate thing is that once you find a home for the pairing button, you can use it to activate the voice control in the Bluetooth module just as you would the steering wheel button.

As for the electrical connection a custom retrofit harness was made specific to the Z8 that allows for a simple plug and play installation of the Bluetooth module.

The Bluetooth system works for voice commands and pairing of the phone. The Radio Nav display shows the phone information just like it is displayed with the older phones. The Bluetooth phone phonebook is shown as well as all the other features. All in All it was a success. I will try to post operational images soon, although it operates, looks and functions on the radio nav display in the same manner as the CPT-8000 phone. (or V-Series in the Euro)

Below are basic installation instructions on how to install a custom configured Bluetooth system in your Z8.

Remove the cover of the drivers side storage compartment that stores the CD Changer (same method as you would use to replace the CD changer)

Remove the three 10 mm nuts that hold the Original CPT8000 Module in place.

After Removing the CPT8000 phone module, disconnect the 25 pin electrical plug to the module.  This is the plug that the Bluetooth module will attach to with the Z8 Bluetooth adapter harness

Connect the 54 pin connector to one end of the ULF module  and the cream/purple colored Bluetooth antenna wire to the the other end of the ULF module. 

BMW Bluetooth E38 E39 E46 X5 Navigation Sirius Hands-free BMW Bluetooth E38 E39 E46 X5 Navigation Sirius Hands-free Mount the ULF module to the Bracket.  You might need to modify the holes slightly.  Once you connect the Bluetooth antenna wire and the 54 pin connector of Z8 Bluetooth retrofit harness to the ULF module, connect the DB25 connectors together, as shown below the ULF module in the image below.

Find a suitable location for the mounting of the Bluetooth antenna, exact placement is not crucial as anywhere inside compartment will be perfect.

Mount the Bluetooth pairing button in a suitable location.  The passengers side ash tray is a great option as it is stealth, easy access and very functional.   Plus, the best idea about using the ash tray is that it is a cheap replacement if you destroy it during the modification.  You can use the Pairing button cutout template for the cutout hole

New Ash tray with pairing button installed 

Pairing button wiring run. If doing the ash tray mounting of the pairing button, you will only have a short route to run wiring from the ash tray to the location of the 18 pin connector.  The 18 pin connector can be found  by following the CPT8000 curly cord wire under the carpet in the tunnel.   Disconnect the 18 pin connector for the older phone system, and connect the new connector for the pairing button.  You can then remove the old phone curly wire.

Below is a good photo with descriptions of each of the plugs located under the console.  NOTE: You should NOT typically need to remove the console to access the connectors.

Route the wires in the kit to the location of choice for the pairing button

Finished Ashtray location

The Passengers side ash tray mounting location is a perfect spot because of it's stealth location.  You will only see the BMW Pairing button, when the ash tray panel is open.  Plus there will be no noticeable indication that you have any non-factory Z8 part in your car aside from the BMW button in the ashtray.  Although the functional difference will be that you now have a working phone system in the car using your Bluetooth phone even while the phone is still in your pocket!  In addition, the kit consists of BMW factory parts and equipment and it functions exactly as your original CPT8000 phone operates and functions.

You can pair upto 4 phones to the BMW System at any time and the Bluetooth function will automatically detect your phone when you start the car.  Once you decide to make a phone call, you can use the phone directory on the Radio navigation display or use the pairing button to activate voice dialing.

BMW Bluetooth E38 E39 E46 X5 Navigation Sirius Hands-free 

BMW Bluetooth E38 E39 E46 X5 Navigation Sirius Hands-free

If you do not have a microphone, remove the overhead mic cover and install the microphone.  The updated microphone is also an option as it improves performance.

BMW Bluetooth E38 E39 E46 X5 Navigation Sirius Hands-free

When mounting the microphone, make sure that you have the ARROW on the microphone pointing forward

Once you have tested your system, you can put everything back together the opposite of how you took it apart

Once you have installed your Bluetooth system, Operation of the unit is the same as other BMWs.  To pair the phone, press and hold the pairing button with the ignition off.  With the button still held down, turn the key to the first position.  After 3 seconds let go of the button and the red light above the phone icon will flash to indicate you are in pairing mode.  Use your Bluetooth phone to initiate pairing and input the pairing code passkey from the Bluetooth module into the phone.

BMW Bluetooth E38 E39 E46 X5 Navigation Sirius Hands-free

Once you have paired your phone, turn the ignition off to complete the process.  Once the process has been completed, you will be able to use the Telephone option on the Radio Display to operate the system.  For voice commands, press and hold the pairing button and speak the commands such as dial number, dial name and other voice control commands.

Users Manual for the BMW Bluetooth System

Users Manual for the BMW Voice Control System

BMW Z8 phone operation guide


Bluetooth Pairing procedure and operational videos

BMW Bluetooth E38 E39 E46 X5 Navigation Sirius Hands-free

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