How to install Bluetooth in the 2002-2004 Range Rover HSE  - Bluetooth Kit Installation Instructions

How to install Bluetooth in the 2002-2004 Range Rover HSE - Bluetooth Kit Installation Instructions

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Installation instructions below are for the Range Rover Bluetooth Kits for 2003-2004 US Range Rovers, and 2002-2004 Euro Range Rovers: Click here to buy now. Range Rovers built within this range were based on the BMW system and can be retrofitted with the BMW Bluetooth Upgrade module.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Bluetooth Kits are genuine BMW parts and are ALL SPECIFIC to Range Rover Model Years with BMW electronics. The kits we offer are the exact parts that would have come in your car from the factory if BMW still owned Land Rover at the time. When Land Rover was sold to Ford, all new BMW development of the car was stopped. Since the BMW Bluetooth system was not fully available from BMW until 2004, it was never an option for the Land Rover cars yet, however fully planned as an option! All brackets and car computer programming already exists in your car, and using the kit provided will fully integrate into your car using the latest version parts available from BMW. Using our significant experience and contacts within BMW Engineering we now have available the exact BMW specific Land Rover retrofit kit parts for your car! ALL plug and play! Our Bluetooth Retrofit kits come with the latest Generation BMW ULF modules Available which fully support all of the latest smart phones such as android and iphones etc.(and NOT the older generation bluetooth parts commonly available,   Be careful on getting older ULF modules as some people have had difficulties and incompatibilities with the old first generation ULF modules.  Why use Our Bluetooth Solution?

Before Purchasing your Range Rover Bluetooth Retrofit Kit you will want to determine if the car IS prewired for telephone or NOT prewired for telephone. This information is needed before ordering because the Bluetooth wiring plugs are different depending on how your car is configured. This is a simple process and it only requires a quick look at the wiring in the back of the car. PLEASE NOTE: MOST ALL USA Range Rovers are NOT prewired for telephone, but in other regions of the world it is best to double check if you are not sure.

Open the Storage compartment on the rear left side of the car where the navigation computer is located,

Panel Removed showing no obvious telephone prewiring plug

Panel Removed showing Telephone prewiring plug

Closeup Photos of RR Telephone prewiring plug

If in your Range Rover it is not obvious if it is prewired for telephone or not, simply reach your hand between the amplifier bracket and the plastic floor piece and locate the telephone wiring harness connector. This connector listed as X400 in the Range Rover Wiring diagrams will be connected to the telephone plug if your car is prewired for telephone, and will be disconnected if your car is NOT prewired for telephone.

Closeup Photos of Range Rover WITH Telephone prewiring

If you can not see the plug right away Lift the phone connector up slightly.  Connector should be dangling between the radio module and the amplifier bracket. Photo of plug WITHOUT Telephone Prewiring.

Once it has been determined which Bluetooth Kit you will need the installation process you can start with the installation of your Bluetooth Retrofit Kit from

In Range Rovers that are NOT prewired for telephone you will receive as part of your kit the proper plug to connect to the white Connector.
Range Rovers which ARE PREWIRED for telephone may skip this step.

Connect the Bluetooth upgrade harness to this connector.

If you can not easily find this connector, you can simply lift up the spare tire cover and easily remove the black plastic cover by removing the plastic nuts and the rear "luggage tie downs" shown removed in this picture.  Once the nuts are removed you can swing the cover out of place. 

The below image shows the connection with the plastic trim piece removed

In the Range Rover which ARE Prewired for telephone ONLY locate the provided 54 pin Bluetooth Retrofit Harness Adaptor to the original 54 pin connector in your car.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT connect the BMW Bluetooth module directly to the orignal Range Rover 54 pin connector wiring in the Euro Rover without the provided adaptor plug. Although the plugs are the same the wiring is quite different. Doing so could damage your car or your Bluetooth module.

If your Range Rover is Prewired for telephone you MUST connect the ULF module to the Range Rover using the provided adapter harness as shown below

Range Rover WITH telephone prewiring proper connection

Remove the Bluetooth passkey sticker from the label of the Bluetooth ULF control Module.  Put this sticker someplace safe.  I recommend putting this sticker in the glove box stuck inside the user manual.

Connect the 54 pin connector to one end of the ULF module, and the cream/purple colored Bluetooth antenna wire to the other end of the ULF module. The BMW style connectors have a locking lever which is used to lock the connector in place. In order to properly make a connection you will need to gently move the locking lever to the side by pressing down on the small release tab which holds the lever in place and gently moving the lever over to the side. When closing the lever it will gently draw the connector into place and lock the module to the connector.


Range Rovers come with the telephone bracket already installed in the bottom left section of the compartment. If you prefer to locate the module in another location which fits it can be perfectly acceptable as well. To access the proper mounting location you will need to remove the plastic compartment covers at the base. Once done simply line up the holes on the bracket with the Bluetooth module. Depending on how you position the module only two of the mounting holes may line up which is perfectly fine.

Ensure the plastic components can all be connected properly again before installing the final mounting screws.

Connect the provided Bluetooth antenna wire from the Bluetooth module to the Bluetooth antenna and mount in either the factory mounting location directly on top of the navigation computer as shown in the image or in any location you prefer. Some customers mount the bluetooth antenna as high up as possible in the cabin for best reception

Range Rovers either WITH telephone prewiring or WITHOUT are both equipped with the microphone wiring in the overhead console, although In the Non Prewired Range Rover, you will need to connect the Bluetooth microphone wiring together to the microphone prewiring under the cupholder/ashtray.  

The Microphone is installed in the overhead console , where your overhead lights and sun-roof switches are located. It's easier to just pry the lights out with you bare hands, and then pop out the mic cover with your bare hands. Or if your Range Rover does not have the Factory installed Garage Remote, you can pop out the blank panel as shown below.

The Microphone Plug is the three wire plug with two black and one yellow. It is also the only plug which fits the microphone properly in the overhead console. The microphone cover simply pops out if gently pressing from the inside.

You MUST mount the microphone with the arrow pointed towards the front of the car. Just line up the arrow and snap the microphone into the trim piece and snap back in place ensuring the arrow on the microphone faces the windsheild as the BMW microphones are directional and noise cancelling. Image below is not a RR (but a BMW 3 Series), but microphone is the same, and it clearly shows the arrow.

UPDATE: Only In Range Rover NOT prewired for telephone there are two options for connecting the microphone wiring. The Bimmernav Bluetooth kit will ship using the direct wiring method where you can run the microphone wiring by tucking the wire into the roof headliner from the back to the front. We have found this is the simplest method as some have reported it is hard to find the microphone connection in the center console under the cupholder/ashtray.  See link for details on running the microphone up the headliner .

OR Alternatively if you can easily find the microphone connector under the center console and prefer to use the microphone wiring in the car, you will need to simply swap over the wires as detailed in the above link and connect to the plug under the center console. In order to use this method simply open the center console storing compartment and pull the ashtray/cupholder upwards from the back.  You will connect the bluetooth microphone wiring to this connector.  See link for simple details on extending the microphone wiring from the rear compartment to center console.

In the Range Rover WITH telephone prewiring your kit will come standard with the Bluetooth eject box, which can support the BMW Telephone Specific Snap in Adaptors. Snap in adapters are available for the latest phones and provide charging of your phone and routing of the antenna to the roof antenna (if roof mounted telephone antenna is installed). Snap in adapters for new smart phones such as Android or Iphones require a special eject box so please contact us when ordering if you are planning on installing the snap in adapter for a smart phone.

If your Telephone prewired Range Rover does not already have the Siemens BIT II phone, or the partitioned center console trim piece, you must replace the solid trim piece with the phone version trim piece in the arm rest.  Trim piece available at your local Rover dealer.

If your Range Rover was previously equipped with a Range Rover factory phone system it will look like the image below and you will simply remove the old phone cradle and replace with the Provided Bluetooth Eject Box


Once the trim piece is installed you can simply snap in the eject box into place for the finished look. Land Rover Part number for the replacement trim piece is FJB000130PVA, stowage box upper with telephone

To install the Bluetooth eject box simply lift the middle cover of the center console and remove the 4 screws to reveal the telephone wiring plug. Using the 18 pin adapter which will come as part of your bluetooth kit make the proper connections between the eject box wiring and the telephone prewiring.

***PLEASE NOTE: The 18 pin adapter which is provided with your kit for Range Rovers WITH Telephone prewiring will be required in order for the eject box to work properly. Please do not connect the Bluetooth eject box directly to the car wiring without using the provided eject box adapter!

Optional Steps. Only In Range Rover NOT prewired for telephone. In some Range Rovers without telephone prewiring your car will not be equipped with the telephone voice control button. This button is not required but very nice to have as it allows you to activate voice control of telephone and navigation from the steering wheel using this button. It also allows you to send and end telephone calls without using the telephone button on the radio or navigation display. Optional Addition of Steering wheel voice recognition control button.  In the Range Rover without the telephone "speak" button, the button can be added simply by swapping out the Multi Functional steering wheel button cluster.  This cluster is available as a single part as shown below.

Once your Bluetooth kit is installed pair your phone to the system using the pairing instructions in the below User manual.  The process is quite simple.  Press and hold the pairing button with the ignition off.  While holding the button turn the ignition on and left go of the button after 3 seconds.  Your instrument cluster should show the words "Bluetooth pairing.  Once in pairing mode use the phone to discover the system and enter the pass key found on your Bluetooth module.

Users Manual for the BMW Bluetooth System

Bluetooth Pairing procedure and operational videos


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