Installing the MP3 CD Changer in the 2003-2004 Range Rover

Installing the MP3 CD Changer in the 2003-2004 Range Rover



Once you have updated the navigation trunk radio you can easily add the BMW CD changer that plays MP3s and shows ID3 Audiotext while playing the MP3s.  If you have not upgraded the navigation computer to the MKIV and have not upgraded the navigation trunk radio, the CD changer will still work to play MP3s although will NOT show ID3 audiotext on display.  It will display just as your current CD displays.  Track 1 CD 1 etc.  
Parts required.

BMW CD changer with MP3 Support

Torx-20 driver

Torx-25 driver

Screw driver

Open the Glove box and start removing Torx-20 screws.  The latch is held on by 2 Torx-25 screws.   Then pop out the glove box light and unplug

Remove trim cover underneath glovebox and 3 Torx-20 screws

Remove panel on the side next to the door.  

This panel snaps into place.  image shows location of snaps

remove the panel on the other side of passenger foot well.  One Torx 20 screw and a few snaps hold this one in place

Location of snaps on passengers side panel

Panel removed

Remove panel on the other side of glove box so that the glove box can drop out of the way.  Be very careful not to force anything and go slowly.

Lower glove box and make sure all wires are disconnected except 2 wires going to CD changer

Wiring to CD changer has LOTS of slack.  Pull slack out from behind the CD Changer

remove Torx 20 screws on either side of glove box to free CD changer tray.

Once CD changer tray is free remove 4 torx 20 screws on both side of CD changer to free CD changer from bracket

Disconnect plugs and replace with new CD changer

Installation is reverse.  Also, make sure and test everything out prior to putting all of the trim pieces back in place.

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