Range Rover Multi-functional Steering Wheel Controls

Range Rover Multi-functional Steering Wheel Controls


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The Multi-functional Steering Wheel control retrofit is a useful upgrade if your Range Rover is equipped with the Bluetooth Retrofit kit from bimmernav.com. This is the steering wheel button as used in the 2005-2007 Range Rovers


Parts required.

1) Small 6-8 inch Allen head used to remove airbag

2) Range Rover Part Steering wheel Button $165.00

3) 10 mm socket to remove negative battery cable

4) Torx 20 driver


IMPORTANT!  YOU MUST DISCONNECT THE ROVER BATTERY BEFORE starting this process!  Please note, the below instructions are a simple guide to removing the airbag in a 2003-2004 US Range Rover (or possibly 2002-2004 Euro).  Attempting this retrofit may cause damage to your Rover, or yourself.  Follow these instructions at your own risk.  I did not disconnect the wiring to the airbag and did not get any airbag warning light after reconnecting the battery.  I can not promise that you will have the same luck.  Be careful as you MUST wait 2 minutes after opening or closing a door prior to disconnecting the battery.


After disconnecting the Range Rover battery and letting the car sit for a while, take the small allen key and push it through the hole in the back of the steering wheel.  You want to push the allen head straight in the hole.  You want to be 90 degrees, perpendicular to the steering column.  You want to push in the spring release to pop off the airbag.   The photos below show the spring. Inside the steering wheel is a little "guide" that should help you go into the right direction

 If you look directly into the hole in the middle of the spring, you will see a release tab.  It is this tab that holds the airbag into place.  The airbag will only move a little until you release the other side.  


Do not disconnect the wiring, just lean the airbag to one side to gain access to the Torx 20 screws that hold the steering wheel controls in place.

Using the Torx 20 driver, remove the two screws holding the Steering wheel switch into place

Disconnect old controls and replace with new Steering wheel controls.  Then line up the airbag perfectly inline with the springs and press into place.

Plug the car battery back in and test it out.  Upon starting the car with the battery reconnected turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and then all the way to the left to reset the steering sensors.  To activate voice recognition, press and hold the speak button for 2 seconds.  The system will beep and give you a voice prompt at which time you can give phone, navigation or notepad commands.  If you forgot the commands say "Help", or review the owners guide for voice control.  Users Manual for the BMW Voice Control System

Hotel at Destination Command

Response is shown on navigation display

Some additional information and operational videos are on the following page BMW Bluetooth Functional Overview and Operational Videos

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