Range Rover without telephone prewiring microphone installation

Range Rover without telephone prewiring microphone installation

Rover mic install.  There are two methods for running the mic wire in the US Rover.  I prefer the headliner method, but some prefer the method to run the wires up the center console.

The configuration of the mic wire pins are slightly different for each method.  Two wires locations are swapped based upon your installation preferences.  If doing the headliner insallation the microphone wires will need to be setup as shown in the below photo.
Pin 1 white
Pin 2 Brown
Pin 3 clear grey.

 If your wire colors are 1) white 2) clear grey 3) brown white you will need to swap these wires to use this method.  email us for details

The method shown below is the headliner method.

Starting from the back tuck the mic wire into headliner up the left side of vehicle

Start by either removing this trim piece or just tucking the mic wire behind this trim piece

Tuck Mic wire up this section of headliner moving towards the front of the vehicle.

tuck mic wire into the pillar 

Using a credit card or similar tool to push the wire into the pillar and out of sight

Slightly pull down the window rubber window gasket to allow you to tuck in the microphone wire across the door openings

Tuck the mic wire into the top of the front A pillar, and then across the front headliner

In order the thread the microphone wire into the overhead lights area, thread a long wire tie or similar object from the top of the windsheild into the overhead lights area.  Then tape the mic wire to this wire tie and pull through.

Method for running wire into the center console.

Ensure the that the microphone wires are configured correctly.
1) White
2) clear grey
3) Brown white

If not you will need to use a small pin to lift up the pin cover to move the wires.   Lift up the cover to reveal the pins.  

With a small tool press on the metal tab revealed when lifting the cover.  gently pull the wire out of the socket and pu in the proper location

Open the rear door on the left side of the vehicle.  Remove the trim pieces that cover up the door soll starting with the middle chrome one in this photo.  Pull straight up to remove.  The door sill is secured by two snaps on either side closest to the door.  Once the middle piece is removed, remove the trim panel on the right and left side of the door sill to reveal the wiring passsage way from the trunk area to the front of the car.  Run the microphone wiring through this passage way upto the center of the drivers seat.  In the center of the drivers seat their is a passage way to the center console.  

Run the mic wire into the center console and connect mic wire to plug socket under the cupholder ashtray

Connect the microphone wiring plug in the overhead panel (Note.  In order to use this method, the microphone wiring in the bluetooth harness must have the wires configured as 1) White, 2) Clear Grey 3) Brown White

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