Upgrading the 2003-2004 Range Rover with Television and Backup Camera

Upgrading the 2003-2004 Range Rover with Television and Backup Camera


Video Overview


The Range Rover Television feature provides Television on the navigation display, support for rear backup camera, support for video input for DVD player and outputs for rear headrest monitors.  The installation is a quick 15 minutes.

Parts required.

1) 10mm socket

2) Range Rover Television retrofit kit 


Open the Storage compartment on the rear left side of the car where the navigation computer is located,

Panel Removed

Remove the plastic floor piece below the access panel to gain access to the radio mounting bracket screws.  Remove the single screw holding the trunk mounted radio in place.  Remove the radio simply by pulling upwards with the single screw removed.

Remove the 4 screws holding the radio bracket in place including the 2 screws below the radio

Once the bracket screws are removed, remove the bracket and install the TV video module. This bracket holds the TV video module on one side and the Radio module on the other side.  Attach to the bracket with the single screw

Put the bracket back into place, and screw the screws back in to their correct locations.  

Connect the blue and white connectors that came with your TV retrofit kit directly to the TV video module.  In order for the Television feature to operate you will need to connect the TV antenna connectors to the TV video module.  The kit does not come with the Television antenna wiring or antenna amps. If desired, you can purchase these parts from your local Land Rover dealer.  The Antenna amp part numbers are XUO000040.  The BMW equivalent part numbers are 65 25 6 990 093.  One of the antenna leads may already be in your Rover.  the BMW part numbers for the antenna leads are 61 11 36 415 124 right side and 61 11 36 415 125 left side.

The RCA plugs that are attached to the White plug are the video input, output and Rear backup camera connections. 

Prior to replacing the radio wiring harness, remove the small white plug from the radio harness plug

Take the cover off the white plug and connect the two pins into position 11 and 12.   Plug the yellow wire into position 11 and the yellow/blue wire into position 12.  Once you have added the audio plugs to the radio, plug the white plug back into the radio harness connector and connect back the radio.

Disconnect the blue plug on the back of the navigation computer.  Connect that blue plug into the socket on the TV video module retrofit kit and connect the new plug into the back of the navigation computer.  WARNING!  Never disconnect the plugs on the navigation computer with the lights on the navigation drive.  The lights will extinguish themselves after 2 minutes of not touching anything in the car including opening doors!

Turn on the ignition to test out.  If Television is not shown right away, turn off the car and let it sit for about 45 minutes before trying again.

TV on navigation screen

TV Video module with Rear backup camera

Once Installed to activate rear backup camera just start the car, and put in reverse

The camera I used was a mirror image version so that it is equivalent to looking in the rear view mirror.  I prefer it this way myself, but there are other cameras available without the mirror image.  This backup camera is now offered on our webstore

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