Upgrading the Radio module in the 2003-2004 Range Rover

Upgrading the Radio module in the 2003-2004 Range Rover

Upgrading the Radio module in the 2003-2004 Range Rover to Support Sirius Satellite Radio and Aux Audio input

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The radio module is the "hub of the wheel" in the Rover audio system.  Upgrading the radio module to the latest version BMW X5 navigation radio brings your Range Rover audio system into the 21st century.  Upgrading the Rover radio module in the trunk provides SUPPORT for other upgrades such as BMW Auxiliary input,  BMW Sirius Satellite Radio and BMW MP3 Cd changer.   In order to view these audio upgrades correctly on the navigation display, you will also need to upgrade the navigation computer to the BMW MKIV navigation DVD system.  You can still use these upgrades with the original CD based navigation computer but you will not have channel, song or artist data displayed on the navigation monitor.


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BMW Auxiliary input retrofit

BMW Sirius Satellite Radio retrofit

BMW CD changer with MP3 Support


Parts required.

1) BMW BM53 Radio latest version

Open the Storage compartment on the rear left side of the car where the navigation computer is located,

Panel Removed

Remove the plastic trim piece at the bottom of the access panel, by removing the 3 plastic screws and left side trim piece

remove the single 10mm nut holding the radio in place and remove/replace with new navigation radio 

If you are replacing with a brand new Radio, once installed, Turn on Rover ignition, and program the radio to your correct AREA.

With the ignition on, turn on radio, turn off radio with left knob.  Then turn on radio and immediately press and hold SELECT for 12 seconds.  After 12 seconds the radio serial number will display.  Using the < > buttons on the navigation display locate AREA, and use the 1 and 2 keys to locate your area (Such as US for USA)

Turn off radio to save changes.  Finished.  Now do the upgrades to make it worthwhile

Auxillary input

Additional Parts Required:

BMW Aux input cable

Prior to replacing the radio wiring harness, remove the small BLACK plug from the radio harness plug

Small White plug shown in image below, but you want to connect to the small BLACK plug

Take the cover off the BLACK plug and connect the three pins into positions 3, 4 & 10.   White/blue pin 3 (left audio), white/red pin 4 (right audio) and white/brown pin 10 (ground)  image below is simple illustration and for something else.  Image is just to show concept of inserting pins.

Once you have installed the three pins in the correct location on the radio harness, plug the radio back in and enjoy your Axillary input.

BMW Sirius Satellite Radio


Parts Required

BMW Sirius Satellite Receiver 

BMW Sirius adapter cable.  BMW P/N 84 11 0 150 526   

BMW Sirius antenna 

Prior to replacing the radio wiring harness, remove the small WHITE plug from the radio harness plug

Small White plug shown in image below

Take the cover off the White plug and REMOVE the pins from location 2 8 & 9.  Pin location 2 is white/brown, 8 is white/red and 9 is white blue.  Unwrap the radio wiring harness slightly so that you can get some slack on those three wires.  You will be connecting these three wires DIRECTLY to the Sirius receiver later in the following steps.  To remove the pins, press lightly on the metal tab for each wire and gently pull the wire out.  The tab will most likely get stuck on the next hole where you will have to press down again to full remove

Unwrap the cloth tape on the BMW Sirius adapter cable.  BMW P/N 84 11 0 150 526 to expose the wires.  You will be completely modifying this harness.

Remove the cover of the 12 pin connector on the 0 150 526 harness.  Note the location on the white/red 1, white/blue 7, and white/brown 2 wires.   REMOVE these three pins and REPLACE with the same colored wires from the Radio wiring harness pins

Now with the pins that you removed from the 0 150 526 harness replace those three pins in the radio wiring harness location as before 2, 8 & 9 into the small white plug on the navigation radio.  Basically what you have just done is to move the CD changer audio wires from one harness connector to another.  You are also replacing the wires with the BMW Sirius satellite wiring pins

On the other side of the 0 150 526 harness is a 6 pin plug.  You will be plugging that connector plug directly into the BMW Sirius receiver in addition to the 12 pin plug that you moved the CD audio wires to.  

Next step is to REMOVE the white red and black wires from the 0 150 526 12 pin plug.  Connect these three wires to power, ground and i bus as found in the wiring of the trunk area.  One option for these three wires are on the telephone wiring harness plug.  connect red to red/yellow, black to brown/black and white to white/grey/yellow.  

Connect ALL THREE plugs of the modified harness to the Sirius receiver and mount in a suitable location

Mount the Sirius radio antenna as desired.
To operate use the MODE button on the navigation screen to select the new options labled SAT

Listening to Sirius Channel 71

Navigating to a new channel


CNBC with live stock quotes

I mounted my Sirius antenna under the rear spoiler in the factory location for the telephone antenna. It was a pretty easy install to run the wire, and is completely stealth.

Manual coding of the New Radio

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