Build Date Range

Build Date Range: offers many BMW Genuine Upgraded Electronics that are based specifically on the build date and model of your BMW.  Each BMW year and model range are slightly different and the only way to make sure you get the exactly correct parts for your specific car please provide us with either specific year, model and build date information or the last 7 digits of the VIN number of your BMW. This information will be input into the BMW computer system for gathering information such as production date, regional information and option codes of your specific car.  

The factory build date can be found quickly and easily by looking at the drivers side door jam sticker of your car as shown in the image below. The info highlighted as #1 is your model, and the build date is shown highlighted as #2. If you do not have access to the sticker on the inside of drivers side door, you can always use the the info highlighted as #3, which is the last 7 digits of your VIN number. If you would like to see what basic information can be found using the VIN number please ask for a copy of the options code report and we will provide a copy free with your order BMW VIN decoding

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