BMW NEW OEM CD Changer, PLAYS MP3s and CDs latest version

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Original Brand New BMW Latest Version CD Changer that supports playing of MP3s, and WMA files. Plus, Itunes can be saved as MP3s and saved to CD for playback

Original BMW Changer Plays CDs, CDRs, and CDRWs

Includes new BMW CD Cartridge

Dealer Suggested Retail Price $775.00

Plays MP3s CDs and CDRWs in the following BMW Vehicles with and without navigation:

3 SERIES (E46) All Model Years

X5 E53 2000-2006 (Not E70 New Body style X5)

X3 All Model Years

Z4 All Model Years

Z8 All Model Years

5 SERIES (E39) All Model Years

7 SERIES (E38) 99-01 (although does not fit original BMW CD changer location)

Range Rover 2003-2004

2002-2004 MINI COOPER

Brackets are not part of CD changer as they are different for each BMW series. We do have some mounting screw and bracket kits available in the options section below.

THIS IS THE BMW CD CHANGER THAT PLAYS MP3s. Don't waste your time with other CD changers that may or may not work.

CD changer works in all BMWs with standard 3 pin and 6 pin audio input connector. Will work with BMWs equipped with DSP IF they were built after 09/01 and do not use the SPDIF cable from CD changer to DSP amp. BMW no longer uses this SPDIF cable in order to support the Sirius radio audio inputs.

If your BMW radio was manufactured (or replaced) AFTER 08/05 your display will also show MP3 ID3 Audiotext as shown below! Audiotext is displayed in cars with and without navigation!

Images of ID3 Audiotext, and search options in a BMW that had it's Radio replaced under warranty (Radio part numbers start with 65 12 6 976 962 although we sell the newer version). See Link for Additional details and installation instructions


Operational Videos of the MP3 CD changer

Installation of the MP3 CD changer in a BMW E39

This CD changer is fully supported by the following BMWs without any upgrades required. BMWs listed below will show full MP3 ID3 tags when CDs are formatted properly.

You can use the CD changer for MP3 support without seeing ID3 tags in the older BMWs Or you can upgrade your Radio module to a version from 2006 or newer and Navigation computer (if equipped, to the MKIV version)

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