BMW Latest Version BM53/BM54 Radio

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BMW BM53 Radio module Part number 65 12 6 988 276

Now available latest version BM53 radio. Radio is for BMWs or Range Rovers equipped with navigation, for use in Americas, Japan and Oceania including Thailand. BMW "Business Radio"

The BM53 Radios are brand new in original BMW packaging. Optional Euro Version BMW BM54 Radio Modules are also available (however refurbished) and Support Aux input and TMC for use in Europe and other countries with Traffic Master.

The previous version BM53 radio is pictured below, however you will receive the latest version module, Part number 65 12 6 988 276, when purchasing this item!

To activate Support for Sirius Radio support, you MUST set your radio to US MODE.

To set the radio into US mode, you can self program using the document listed below.

Turn radio off using the left navigation display radial button
Turn radio on
Immediately press and hold the SELECT button on the navigation display for 12 seconds
After 12 seconds the radio serial number will be displayed.
Using the left and right buttons select AREA.
Using the 1 button select USA
Turn radio off to save.

Radio Service Mode Document Download

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