BMW Original pins for BMW small electronic plugs.

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These are the very hard to get BMW Original Pins for repairing or making your own wiring harnesses. These typically are only able to be purchased from BMW already crimped on wiring (BMW price $2.00 each), however we now have them recently available in a set of 20 pieces that are ready to be crimped on Your Own wiring. These connectors are the most handy to have for making or repairing your existing wiring without splicing wires
ELO Type

Please note that these BMW pins are the most common version with the "key" on the left side of the plug. Such as used in the ELO type connectors!

BMW has another type of small plug with different keying for the Siemens type connectors, and these are NOT Siemens type, but ELO type connectors! Please email with questions if you are unsure. The Siemens type connector are not as common, and the ELO type connectors are used in most connectors

We also have the larger radio plug with "key on left available for connectors such as Radio and other larger connectors used in BMWs
MOST type

Pins are commonly used in larger plugs such as radio plugs

PLEASE NOTE: This item ships via standard overseas airmail to all destinations worldwide!

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