BMW Snap in adapters

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The BMW Snap in adapters are accessories for BMWs equipped with the BMW Bluetooth system. These snap in adapters plug directly into the Blank Eject box that is part of the BMW bluetooth kits.

Bluetooth BMW Original Equipment Bluetooth Eject Kit with Pairing and voice control button (item shown below installed with Standard parcel tray) comes standard with the E38, E39, and X5 Bluetooth kits.  Eject boxes are optional parts of other BMW bluetooth retrofit kits.

The below images shows an OPTIONAL fully functional iphone snap in adapter. Snap in adapter provides power and RF antenna boosting for your charging your phone and boosting your antenna to your BMW roof or under bumper antenna. Snap in adapters are not required, but only a nice addition

Different Snap in Adapters are available from BMW for different phones.  Please note, some snap in adapters are too wide for the early BMWs but are fully supported by the newer BMWs.

Even Older Phones like the Motorola RAZR phones are fully supported

These optional snap in adapters are not required although a nice feature to have. The snap in adapters are custom designed for each specific phone, and provide charging of the phone and routing of the phone antenna to your BMW phone antenna. Note: cars that were never equipped with BMW phone or BMW assist may not have the BMW cellular antenna installed.

Video of Blackberry Pearl Snap in adapter

PLEASE NOTE: The BMW Iphone 5 snap in adapter is available in three versions. Basic ONLY VERSION WITH SUPPORT FOR OLDER BMWS- charging only, Connect versions with connected drive option and Media for cars with full BMW apps including BMW option code SA 6NR. Snap in adapter part numbers available from Currently we only have the following options. Contact your dealer for the other part numbers listed above:

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