BMW V Series Phone Bluetooth Upgrade Kit

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Bluetooth Upgrade module for BMWs equipped with the Motorola V Series Phone System

This Bluetooth module is for any BMW or Mercedes equipped with the Motorola V Series Phone system (CPT-9000). This module simply replaces the V series phone and allows you to use bluetooth phones in place of your V series phone. Including the BMW 745i, 745li, and 760iL produced between January 2003 - Feb 2005 equipped with the BMW telephone option (Motorola CPT-9000 V Series phone version).

This module plugs operates in any BMW that was equipped with the BMW Motorola CPT-9000 V Series phone. Installation is quick and easy. Kit comes with detailed installation instructions.

The Bluetooth Upgrade Module is shaped exactly like a CPT9000 (Motorola V60 series) phone and is installed into the phone cradle in place of the original CPT9000 handset. It provides the link between an approved Bluetooth? phone and the vehicle?s original phone system. Up to 2 different phones can be paired with the BTUM; however, only one can be used with the system at a time.

The module allows you to continue to use the original functions of the phone system in the vehicle but now with a BMW approved compatible Bluetooth phone. These features include:
? Multi function steering wheel telephone controls (MFL), if equipped, to send or end a call
? Display the address book of an approved phone and dial a stored number (500 contacts per phone)
? Telephone dialing via the on board radio controls or iDrive (as equipped)
? Voice recognition SES (if equipped) dialing and name tags

While Bluetooth wireless technology is a global standard; there are a variety of profiles that manufacturers can choose to implement in their Bluetooth devices. In certain cases, the BMW BTUM and the Bluetooth mobile phone do not share the necessary profiles to work together
as a hands-free system. For this reason, not all available Bluetooth phones are compatible with the module. A list of compatible phones that have been tested with this system are provided at this link. 
Bluetooth module supports Most all new Good Phones with Bluetooth technology.  See pdf of User Manual for details

PLEASE NOTE: In order to use A2DP Music over bluetooth you will need to install an application on your bluetooth enabled telephone for A2DP support. In order to use A2DP this applications must be turned on and off on the telephone itself to enable the music over bluetooth function in your BMW. Music over Bluetooth is not officially supported by BMWs before 2011 Models, so please note these limitations and manual control of the Music over bluetooth function from your smart phone.

At this time we are only aware of a few different applications for music over bluetooth, but can not guarantee full support.

Search in Cydia for "Bluetooth Mono SBSettings Toggle" and make sure you have it enabled in SBsettings

Android Phones
BTHeadSet app

BTmono App

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