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Upgrading the older generation BMWs to the latest technology is our passion. Operating since 2003, our staff has owned a total of three different E38s, two different E39s (including the E39 M5), three different X5s, an '88 M6 plus a 2003 Range Rover HSE. Our team has expert knowledge on the electronics of each BMW version and has hands-on experience installing each of the products that we sell. As a result of our years of experience, we can proudly say that our team knows upgrading BMWs better than anyone.

Operating since 2003 our website has been valued by millions of BMW and Range Rovers customers Worldwide as an amazing resource on upgrading their car.  With over 2.3 million unique customer visits since just 2011, we have truly gained the trust of the BMW and Range Rover Community worldwide! 

In 2011, we started logging basic customer region location with Revolver Maps to better understand where our customers were located. Since launching this service over six years ago, we have found our reach is on every continent worldwide, and our site has visitors from every country in the world with over 2.3 Million unique customers since just 2011. 

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 Bimmernav's founder Martin Bishop, explains how he got into upgrading BMWs

I am a huge fan of upgrading the E38 to the latest technology as it was one of the best-looking BMWs ever made. My upgrading passion began when in the late 90's I purchased an E38 for my wife -- a 1995 740i. The car did not have many options, and it left a lot to be desired. I immediately started upgrading it with the following: one of the first BMW Bluetooth systems in the E38, Full Widescreen DVD Navigation, TV and a  MP3 Supported CD changer. After working on the '95 7 Series, I completely restored an '88 Porsche 928S4 and an '88 BMW M6 with new technology. Soon I was looking for another project. In 2003 after extensive research, I found an incredible Oxford Green Metallic 2001 750iL for sale, which I was immediately drawn to as my next endeavor.

Immediately upon purchasing the car, I started doing upgrades. With my background in automotive telecommunications electronics, I had the proper understanding on what needed to be done. The first upgrade was the navigation display. I replaced the old 4:3 display with the 16:9 widescreen.  BMW production of the widescreen display did not start until 08/00 production E38s. 



Following the navigation display upgrade was the navigation computer. The factory provided MKII navigation system was quite dated, and the newer system provided a massive performance improvement.

After completely updating this 2001 E38, I purchased another Silver 2001 750iL and started upgrading it as well.

The new 750iL was a 07/00 production model. Building on the knowledge I had gained from the previous car system, I expanded the upgrade to the Bluetooth telephone system found in the newer BMWs. With my background in electronics product management, creating product designs within the cellular phone industry and medical industry, coupled with having friends in automotive design and component manufacturing, upgrading the E38 was second nature to me.

The upgrades expanded to additional models and newer versions of BMWs each time building upon the other. Now in 2017, with 14 years of knowledge in each new BMW version, we offer hundreds of different products to the BMW community and have website visitors from practically every country in the world. See this blog post: With over 2.3 Million unique visitors on our website since 2011.   


The E38 described above is equipped with the following upgrades:

BMW New style BM53 radio with support for BMW Sirius and BMWs MP3 CD Changer

BMW Sirius Satellite Radio with full integration (steering wheel and nav screen control, just like the 2006 X5)

BMW MKIV Navigation Computer

BMW 16:9 Widescreen Display

BMW TV system and rear backup camera

Aux Audio input for playing of MP3s, or any other audio source

BMW Bluetooth phone system

Bimmernav as featured on BMW Car Club of America Magazine, Roundel