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BMW's Bluetooth system is a BRAND NEW system  from BMW that allows you to use most any Bluetooth compatible cellular phone in your BMW. 


Bluetooth is a new function of the latest cellular phones that allows you to wirelessly connect your cellular phone to other accessories such as a laptop or wireless headset.  BMW's Bluetooth system takes advantage of this functionality to allow you to use your standard Bluetooth enabled phone in your BMW providing safe hands-fee operation while driving, plus some additional features such as voice control of your cellular phone and navigation system (if equipped)


The nice thing about Bluetooth is you do not need to physically connect your cellular phone to your BMW.  You can keep your phone in your pocket or purse and still use all of the functions.  Any of the pictures showing the cellphone phone in a cradle are just illustrating the optional charging and the boosting of your cellular phone antenna using the optional BMW snap in adapters.


With the BMW Bluetooth system you can use the BMW steering wheel and radio controls to navigate your cellular phone phonebook, dial numbers, increase volume, etc.  The system also allows for the voice control of your cellular phone, voice control of your navigation system and notepad (to save a message to yourself for later replay)  

What is Bluetooth?  And how Does it work?

Bluetooth Functional Overview

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BMW Bluetooth Users Guide

BMW Bluetooth Voice recognition Users Guide

Bluetooth Phones approved by BMW

Although this is the "Official" list of US phones from BMW, most all new US Bluetooth phones work fine

Bluetooth uses a short range wireless (30 ft) system to communicate between your compatible Bluetooth phone to the BMW phone system allowing you to place and receive calls, initiate voice recognition commands for phone (such as voice tags or numeric entry), navigation (if equipped), and notepad.  Complete phone and navigation controls are detailed HERE.  The system will fully integrate into your BMW without the need for a wired connection between the phone and BMW.  Images such as shown above are with optional "snap in adapters" that charge and boost the antenna signal to the roof antenna.  BMWs Bluetooth system shows your Bluetooth Phone's phonebook, last numbers dialed, SMS and call details on Navigation screen, Radio Display plus phone book on the instrument cluster if the proper hands-free protocol is supported by your Bluetooth phone (some older Bluetooth phones do not include all of the Bluetooth profiles.  Since this kit uses BMW Original Equipment, your Bluetooth phone will be fully integrated into your BMWs system allowing you to place and receive calls via the steering wheel or other BMW phone control buttons.  Our BMW Bluetooth system will work in your BMW just as it would if the car was manufactured from BMW with this technology. 

The system uses most of the new Bluetooth phones available from your cellular carrier.  BMW approved phone details can be found HERE.'s Bluetooth retrofit kits work in all US BMWs with the dates listed below, and can be easily and quickly installed without cutting any wires, in a BMW already equipped for phone or Not (all US BMWs are prewired for phone.  For additional details on BMW's Bluetooth technology please visit HERE has designed plug and play retrofit kits that allow you to quickly and easily install the new BMW System in your BMW.  These kits are designed with BMW Original parts, specifically configured to work perfectly in your model and year BMW.  See links below with detailed information on your BMW year and model.

NOTE: Our Bluetooth Kits come with the latest Generation BMW ULF modules Available as shown in the BMW Compatibility matrix (and NOT the problematic first generation 84 21 954 552 others are selling,   Be careful on getting older ULF modules as some people have had difficulties and incompatibilities with the old first generation ULF modules.  Why use Our Bluetooth Solution?  We advise to stay away from any BMW part number 84 21 954 552 1st generation ULF module, and stick with the more recent versions.  ALL BMW ULF Modules require a Bluetooth pairing button, either by itself or on the Bluetooth eject box.  The steering wheel button does not function as a pairing button, but does operate the Bluetooth voice recognition.  Part numbers of the Bluetooth modules are below

Available part numbers of the Bluetooth ULF (Bluetooth Brain) from BMW
84 21 6 934 552 end of life 06/03 1st generation
84 21 6 938 610 end of life 10/03 2nd generation
84 21 6 934 961 end of life 03/04 3rd generation
84 21 6 950 089 end of life 06/04 4th generation

84 21 6 945 387 5th generation still available


BMW Previous Generation Phone information - see what type of phone you have in your BMW

Optional Available Snap in Adapter Part numbers and details

Our BMW Bluetooth retrofit kits have been available for over 2 years and installed and tested in most any BMW configuration from 1995 to 2005.  Our kits are different for each model and build date of BMW, as they are specifically designed to the specific configuration of each BMW and each year model.  If you know someone who has put Bluetooth in their 95-2001 BMW, it is highly likely that they used this retrofit kit.  Others may have copied our Bluetooth kits to some degree, although no other vendors spend the time or effort to get the latest parts available from BMW, and use all Original BMW parts in their kits.  See HERE for details on other vendor solutions.