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What is Bluetooth for the Mini?

Bluetooth Functional Overview

Users Manual for the Bluetooth System

Users Manual for the Voice Control System (features included in Mini retrofit kit)

Recommended phones for BMW Bluetooth System

Bluetooth Features and Functionality

Bluetooth Troubleshooting Guide


BMW Has TWO Bluetooth solutions for the Mini Cooper. One option Nav Mini is for Minis equipped with the Multifunctional Steering wheel and Navigation and the second option for Mini Cooper & S (equipped with Harmon Kardon built since 09/03 and without Harmon Kardon built since 03/02). With the first option, with navigation is much more integrated into your Mini displaying phone specific information on your navigation display and operates via the multifunctional steering wheel controls. The non-nav bluetooth option is a simple voice controlled bluetooth system that uses a separate keypad to operate, and therefore the multifunctional steering wheel controls are not required. The non-nav option can be used in Minis with Navigation but you will not see any information on the navigation display or be able to use the steering wheel controls to operate. The trade off is the price. The navigation only version is fully integrated into your Mini although cost a bit more. We much prefer the full integration, but the ultimate choice would be yours.

The below information talks about BMW, but the Mini with navigation system is identical to the BMW system.


Bluetooth Functional Overview and Operational Videos


Bluetooth User Manual (from BMW USA)


Bluetooth User Manual (from BMW AG)


General Phone System Operational Guide (very good general information)


The nice thing about Bluetooth is you do not need to physically connect your cellular phone to your Mini. You can keep your phone in your pocket or purse and still use all of the functions.

With the Mini navigation bluetooth system system you can use the Mini steering wheel and Navigation controls to navigate your cellular phone phonebook, dial numbers, increase volume, etc. The system also allows for the voice control of your cellular phone, voice control of your navigation system and notepad (to save a message to yourself for later replay). The system operates just as a factory installed phone would operate in a BMW with the added benefit of voice recognition and voice control of phone and navigation.

NOTE: Our Bluetooth Kits come with the latest Generation BMW ULF modules Available as shown in the BMW Compatibility matrix (and NOT the problematic first generation 84 21 954 552 others are selling, Be careful on getting older ULF modules as some people have had difficulties and incompatibilities with the old first generation ULF modules. Why use Our Bluetooth Solution?

Detailed Installations instructions will ship with your kit.

All Kits available for immediate Shipment -

Bimmernav also offers retrofit kits of the BMW CD Changers with MP3 support for the Mini

Basic Information on the Mini Nav Bluetooth system below

The installation of Both systems is very similar. You will remove the radio and mount the Bluetooth module behind the radio. Connections will be made between the radio and the bluetooth module. A pairing button is required for the Mini Navigation kit and a controller button is made for the non-navigation bluetotoh kit

The Min Nav bluetooth kit will function as a standard BMW phone system, in US English, UK English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese based upon the language of your Mini.

The below photos show the Mini Navigation system functioning. The non-nav version is operated by voice control and a separate keypad. With the Non-Nav bluetooth system you will not see anything on the radio display or nav display. Only the Mini Nav version system will show your telephone phonebook ect.

The Nav Bluetooth System will provide Telephone as a new Feature on your navigation display

The nav Bluetooth system will allow for voice control using the multifunctional steering wheel controls or pairing button

If supported by your Bluetooth phone, your cellular phonebook directory will be displayed on your navigation

Or manual dialing can be done via the navigation display

Kits come complete with everything that you need to enjoy your Bluetooth system including Microphone and wiring harness. Please note, The Bluetooth system is a telephone system used for making telephone calls, and voice control of the Mini Already equipped with navigation. The photos above show the system working in a car with navigation currently. The kit does not come with navigation, and does not come with the steering wheel controls. If your car does not have navigation currently you need the Bluetooth kit for cars without navigation. These bluetooth kits are not interchangeable, and you will need to select the version specific to the configuration of your car.


The non-nav version is operated by voice control and a separate keypad. With this system you will not see anything on the radio display or nav display. This system is voice controlled without displaying any information. You can NOT operate this version with the Mini Multi-functional steering wheel, but you can install it in a mini with navigation (although it will not be shown on the navigation display)

Image shows the Non Nav Bluetooth kit installed and operating in Mini Cooper. This bluetooth kit uses it's own keypad for voice control and does not display information such as phonebook on the display.


The Mini Nav version system will, allow operate the system with your multi-functional steering wheel control. show your telephone phonebook, SMS if supported by your phone, ect on the navigation display. This is the preferred option as this system fully integrates with your car.

The mini - nav version comes with the latest version Bluetooth ULF module available from BMW AND the latest version upgraded microphone available from BMW.

PLEASE NOTE: FACTORY INSTALLED MINI NAVIGATION SYSTEM IS REQUIRED FOR INTEGRATED TELEPHONE SYSTEM SHOWN ABOVE. INTEGRATED BLUETOOTH KIT WE OFFER DOES NOT COME WITH NAVIGATION, OR A DISPLAY. The integrated retrofit kit adds the wireless telephone upgrade to cars with navigation only. Integrated Bluetooth system is ONLY for the Mini currently equipped with navigation.